The United States will soon have
oral drugs for the treatment of the new coronavirus. Patients suffering from the new coronavirus will take the drug at home for 5 days, the new coronavirus will be completely eliminated from the body and the patient will fully recover.*

The drug, translated as “Molnupiravir” was jointly developed by two major pharmaceutical companies, “Rigibel” in Germany and “Merck” in the United States, and has successfully completed the first and second phases of clinical trials in humans. The effect is 100%; the current phase 3 clinical trial is nearing the end and the effect is very good. If it goes well, it will be available in the market within 4 to 5 months.

The patient can take the drug by himself at home, and heal in 5 days, which is very convenient to use. Treating the new coronavirus in the future is like treating the common cold now. The new coronavirus is not terrible.

The drug was originally developed against influenza viruses. It is a compound, the principle is to prevent the virus ia enzyme, that is, to prevent the virus itself from replicating, so as to eliminate the virus quickly. The principle of the current anti-coronavirus vaccine is to target the flange of the new coronavirus, thereby preventing the combination of the new coronavirus and human cells. The principles of the two are different.

From March to April last year, a new coronavirus occurred in mink farms in the Netherlands and Norway, resulting in the massive death of millions of minks. The mink farm fed the mink with “Monapinavir” and found that there was no new coronavirus in the sick mink 24 hours later. The mink farm quickly stopped the spread of the new coronavirus. Then the two major pharmaceutical companies will carry out the first phase of clinical trials on humans. After success, they will conduct the second and third phases of clinical trials. So far, they will be officially launched.

This is a great achievement in the scientific community, especially in the medical community. Perhaps it will follow Valium, aspirin and penicillin, and Apin is the four classic drugs.